VegaStream Brings Flexible IP Communications and Reduced Call Costs to Barrons

Posted on October 20, 2008 at 10:43 pm by Tim Ormrod Comments Off on VegaStream Brings Flexible IP Communications and Reduced Call Costs to Barrons

VegaStream, the industry leading developer of reliable, cost effective and easy to use telephony media gateways, has announced that it has lowered telephony costs at the caravan and motorhome retailer, Barrons, by deploying its Vega 400 and 50 products at the company’s headquarters and remote offices respectively.

Barrons is one of the largest outdoor retailers in the UK with seven retail sites across the UK. Communication between the central locations was costly as call transfers, using a Nortel Meridian Optimum PBX, were made over the PSTN. Barrons wanted to reduce internal communications costs whilst leveraging the investment in the existing equipment by connecting the PBX to the IP network. An option to SIP-enable the Nortel PBX was quickly discounted due to a proposed cost of over £20,000, which is when Barrons turned to VegaStream for a cost effective solution to migrate the company to VoIP.

“Like any business, communication is key to the efficiency of its operations but the high call costs on the network backbone between the two main sites needed to be addressed,” said Tim Ormrod, IT Manager, Barrons. “IP enabling the PBX was simply prohibitive, but by choosing VegaStream gateways, internal calls are now free which has realised reduced communication costs, in addition to continuing to utilise our existing infrastructure.”

Working closely with VCOMM, a UK value added distributor of IP Telephony products and services, a Vega 400 gateway was deployed at each of the main sites. Tim Ormrod continues, “Easily configured, the gateways are the backbone of our network. Connected to the Nortel PBX, calls are simply and reliably directed over the IP network between locations, thus avoiding the PSTN. In use all day, every day, the VoIP call quality is excellent.”

Building on the success of the Vega 400 foundation, Barrons sought to expand the access to VoIP and further reduce communication costs by linking together the five remaining sites across the country onto the IP network. At these locations, Barrons was using PBXs from AYC Telecom and had a combination of analog and ISDN links. With these considerations, VCOMM had no hesitation in recommending the Vega 50 gateway which has been specifically designed for these environments.

Barrons has already deployed Vega 50 analog FXOs in three locations, and will shortly be installing Vega 50 BRI in the remaining two locations. “The Vega gateways have proven to be interoperable with our existing PBXs with no disruption to the network. This has allowed us to utilise our original analog investment, as well as the ISDN links in the remote offices and avoid a costly upgrade. Enabling VoIP company wide has given us more control and management over our calls,” commented Tim Ormrod.

The flexibility of the Vega gateways has also enabled Barrons to achieve additional communication cost savings with innovative uses for the products in the branch offices. Barrons wanted to phase out the 30 fax machines in the company and using the Vega 50 gateways, in conjunction with Altn’s Relayfax software, as a fax server has enabled fax over IP to become a new function and is leading to the removal of all of the company’s fax machines.

“VoIP Gateways enable enterprises to protect their existing communications investment whilst providing the immediate advantages of IP at a far lower cost and, most importantly, without any disruption,” said Steve Davis, VP Sales and Marketing, EMEA, VegaStream. “As Barrons has witnessed, the gateways can be deployed rapidly and in a range of environments, allowing the company to profit from lower telephony costs across the company by taking advantage of the IP network.”

About Barrons
Barrons is the UK’s leading supplier of caravans, holiday homes, motorhomes, folding campers, tents, awnings and accessories, Barrons was established over 50 years ago in 1956 and is now located at seven sites as well as a branch in New Zealand.

About VegaStream
Established in 1998, VegaStream ( operates globally with sales and support centres in Europe, America and Asia-Pacific. VegaStream’s mission is to enable seamless interoperability between the wide and varied range of proprietary telephone systems and the new IP networks. The award winning Vega gateways are based on international communications standards including SIP and H.323 to deliver an open and non-proprietary VOIP solution that can integrate to existing communication investments.